About us

TrickTrainTracks is a retail store dedicated to model N scale train layouts. We specialize in ready to run N scale train layouts built by Lloyd’s Layouts (see www.lloydslayouts.com). Lloyd’s Layouts builds high-end custom model train layouts of all types and sizes, and agreed to build an exclusive N scale layout for us. It took almost two years to refine the design. Various editions were built and tested at train shows until we finally got it perfected. Our N scale layout is interesting, flexible, and just plain fun to play with!

Plans for additional layouts that can be connected to our exclusive design are in the works. Imagine how your layout could grow over the years by adding a section each year or so. We are also exploring an HO version, however the shipping issues are formidable. We also offer an expanding line of scenics especially selected to fit our layout. Scenics are sold individually or as kits. Visit back from time to time to see new and exciting additions.

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