Trick Train Tracks
Trick Train Tracks

Our hand made layout is wired and ready for trains! Simply hook up your transformer, mount a train and you’re off and running with one of the most interesting n-scale layouts available.

Layout includes two bridges, one track rerailer and over 25 feet of expertly laid track in two levels. Hand Made in the United States by Lloyd’s Layouts, no two of these layouts are exactly alike. Layout is available in three models:
Standard Model is hand painted.
Deluxe Model adds textured ground cover in three colors.
Premium Model adds landscaping, including trees, shrubs and rock features.

Size/Weight: 32″ x 48″; approx 20 pounds

Materials: Frame and base are constructed from solid and laminated wood with hand made molded mountain tops. Entire layout is hand painted with a 2-color base coat (beige and green). Track is hand laid and tested to insure trains run smoothly. We use only high grade track from trusted manufacturers such as Atlas, Kato and Bachmann. Track is hand ballasted to add authenticity. Check out our photo gallerys for photos of the back side. You’ll be impressed at the quality of construction – these are made to last for generations!

Pricing: Standard Model: $649. Deluxe Model add $50 ($699). Premium Model add another $150 ($849).

Shipping: $89 anywhere in the continental US.

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More Details: Would you love to build one of those amazing model train layouts with the trees and little towns and forests and bridges but have no wood shop?
No problem! We’ve built the ‘ground’ and laid the track so you can spend more time with your trains and their environments! Our hand-made N-Scale layout already gives you the curves and twists, mountain passes and overhead trestles, along with pre-wired track, so you’re ready to hook up your transformer, set up the train and roll. It’s one of the most interesting pre-built N-Scale layouts available anywhere.

Then the fun begins! – adding your own buildings, forests, pastures, roads, shrubs, well, the sky’s your limit! Size is 32″ x 48″‘ to fit almost any room. This is an N-Scale layout, so you can setup on a coffee table and decorate in the evenings or all day long!! It’s perfect for small environments and is expandable, so if you get carried away we’re here to help.

Hand-made in Southern California by Lloyd’s Layouts, these track layouts are built by the same experts who build massive custom layouts of all sizes and configurations for model train enthusiasts the world over. Each layout is built by hand to last for generations. These are not per-fabricated plastic castings but are built from actual wood, screws, nails, glue, gravel, and so on. And because these are hand-made, no two are exactly alike.

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