Changes to Our Custom Layout

The idea for our train layout came to us while designing our first helix. Once that was perfected we started to discuss different layout options that we thought would be fun to use. Our first layout design was made with the main focus being on the train. There was a lot of track around and not much room to add cars or bigger buildings for a city look. This in turn limited the layout to only having a rural feel, while many people may have wanted to have something more. We decided to test out the layout and see what people thought, by taking it to a few trade shows and seeing what possible buyers’ reactions to our newly designed layout were. While at these trade shows the layout didn’t get as much attention as we would have liked; considering half the fun of having a train layout is creating the perfect landscape to go around it. With the feedback that we received from the different trade shows we knew some changes had to be made. This led us back to the drawing board.

 After some time debating what we could add or change to make the layout more landscape friendly we came up with the solution. By taking out some of the track and removing a few of the switchboards our layout was under way with a new and improved design. But since the majority of the board was still extremely green there continued to be a rural feel to the layout. This gave us the idea to add some streets where cars or trucks could be added. This gave the buyer the option of how they could choose to design the layout on their own. We then had to see what other consumers would think, so we brought our newly remodeled layout to another trade show. We were greeted with great reviews of what people thought they could do to the landscape and how nice the layout was. This was very exciting news to hear how popular our layout had become with some small changes. Having everything completed, we now had a great compact layout for consumers to purchase and design.

Old N Scale Train Layout

New Finished N Scale Train Layout



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