Trick Train Tracks in Model Railroader

Trick Train Tracks is delighted to announce that we will be in the upcoming October issue of Model Railroader magazine. After approximately a month of mulling over different advertisement ideas the Trick Train Tracks team was able to agree on the ad that they wanted to be used in the magazine. Changing the font and colors numerous times to ensure that the ad was eye grabbing and still appealing to look at was the main focus. Also, making sure to use the right picture to engage the reader’s attention and not just skim over the ad. This helped to guarantee that the reader would be captivated to visit the website and learn more about what our wonderful layout is all about.

Being that this was my first time making a classified ad to be featured in a magazine I found the task to be fun and challenging. I learned that there is a lot to think about when deciding what will grab a skimming eye’s attention. For example, trying to decide what color should be in the background, or if you want to just do a simple black and white ad. Then, to set the right vibe for your targeted audience, you want to decide on a fascinating font that will engross the reader but not over power the ad itself. This all concludes with numerous trial and errors until our team was able to decide on the ad we found to be the most appealing. This was both exciting and relieving to finally be able to have a fantastic finished product that will be shown in the magazine. This proved to be a great learning experience on what it’s like to advertise and discover different ways to make certain to attain people’s attention with the little space we had chosen to use.

So don’t forget to take a look at our brand new ad in Model Railroader magazine coming out in October!!


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