Trick Train Tracks Presents New Layout

On May 20th, Trick Train Tracks went to The Big Train Show in Ontario, Ca, where it presented its new and improved layout. Taking many months to get here Trick Train Tracks was ready to show off what it had been working so hard on perfecting. The new hand-made layout is constructed of wood, screws, nails, and glue. This makes no layout exactly the same; very similar but with slight variations, so each layout is like a new work of art that was specially made for you. It also has easy storage and can be stored in a closet, under a bed, or right on your wall! Making it readily accessible for when friends or family may visit to show the different landscapes you have created or been working on!

Its lightweight frame makes it easy to take just about anywhere. You can take it to a friend’s and be able to work on your layouts together. You can also connect this layout to other layouts that you may previously own so that you can create more than one landscape design. Then the real adventure begins!! You can now start to add the buildings, houses, cars, and figures for a world of your creation. Crafting places from the Midwest to small home towns or industrial cities. The creations are endless!! Get more than one layout and make different locations that your train can travel to in a matter of minutes. The sky is the limit with these layouts and your imagination is the creator.

n scale model train city layout

n scale model train tracks with bridge

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