Trick Train Tracks Origins

It was a cold, chilly October night when Lloyd and Chris finally decided to put their model train business into action … Okay, so it wasn’t cold and it wasn’t night but it was October when Chris and Lloyd, of Lloyd’s Layouts, decided to put together an n-scale model train layout and sell it with Trick Train Tracks. Lloyd, an avid model train layout builder, agreed to build an exclusive layout for the start up company. The two worked closely together testing various layouts at different train shows until they finally found one that was perfect. The design was created with a mix of exciting and flexible elements that enticed fun times to anyone who used it. The layout was made ready for the builder to add buildings, trees, shrubbery, landscaping and expandable connectors.  With the first layout completed and ready to go all that needed to be done was to get it online to sell it to model railroaders everywhere. This is when the website was created to let people know what exactly they were buying. Success came when Chris decided to sell the layout on eBay. Two layouts were sold to some very satisfied customers! This was just the beginning! With many more up and coming posts from the layout!!

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