Woodland Scenics

I was looking through the Woodland Scenics Catalog and came across the Scenic Ridge Layout Kits. I decided to compare it to the Trick Train Tracks layout. While a kit may seem fun and better than buying a premade model, it could also get very difficult and expensive depending on what you want yours to look like.

The Scenic Ridge Layout Kit is a N-Scale kit selling for $399.99. This kit does not include tracks, so a track pack, such as the Scenic Ridge Atlas Track Pack, is necessary for completion. This track pack would cost you $65.95 with a total of $465.94 for an unpainted kit of plain pieces. Now it’s up to you to finish the rest! Here are the instructions given by Woodland Scenics.

When receiving the kit, you first have to install risers and inclines on track plan that is pre-printed on the base. To install, pin in place with Foam Nails and attach with Low Temp Foam Glue or Foam Tack Glue (tack glue included). Easy, right?

Then cut profile contours with the Hot Wire Foam Cutter ($39.99) or Foam Knife ($8.99). Now you’re at $514.92. Wiring should be installed at this point (not included in kit).

The next step requires using newspaper wads to form terrain contours. Then cover with wet Plaster Cloth to form a hard shell. This could turn out one of two ways, either really nice or not what you expected. When the shell hardens, you can then start installing and coloring rocks and Tunnel Portals, painting terrain base and adding roads using the Road System.

The instruction book includes a list of items needed, but not included, most of which are common household items. You will also need to purchase the wiring for your layout. Then you would decorate your kit’s layout with the included paint, turf and foliage.

So on top of spending a large amount on your layout, you are required to do the hard work of designing and building everything. With a pre-made model from Trick Train Tracks, the layout and geographic scenes are already laid down and the track is installed. All you have to do is decorate it as much as you would like!

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